Any transition involves opportunities and uncertainties.
A new job, a restructured team, a promotion, an overseas post, dealing with diverse mindsets and cultures, your challenges abound in a changing and complex environment, where every difficulty becomes a learning source.
As executives or managers, you witness the rapid evolution of leadership

The leader ready to respond to tomorrow´s challenges …
• Favours approaches that focus on results at the service of human beings, rather than at their expense.
• Measures the importance of inspiring his teams to think out of the box.
• Accepts getting to know himself better, as self-knowledge is the platform he will build his management on.
• Bases his relations with his teams on trust, enhancing each one´s potential.

We´ll be at your side until you become that accomplished leader

What we offer

Leadership coaching

An accomplished leader stays focused, whatever the circumstances. He relies on his strengths and even his weaknesses to energize his teams in a feeling of shared respect. When managing change, he is able to connect to the essence. Do you want to be that leader ?

Team Coaching

Teams working in synergy, where individualities are respected and yet placed at the service of a joint achievement, contribute to competitiveness and success. Teamwork is both a challenge and an extraordinary opportunity.

Stress Management
Life Balance

Stress has a direct impact on performance. With the right tools, stress and its consequences – anxiety, poor decisions, burnout etc. – can be transformed into better results and an improved quality of life.

Workshops and Trainings

Learning acquired in training courses fades away rapidly. The management of emotions in the workplace varies from one company to another. Our training and workshop follow-ups help to consolidate new knowledge and new behaviours.

Our approach


An individual needs to develop in terms of his own sensibilities. Our approach combines the different dimensions of a human being – rational, emotional and intuitive, in order to engage all his faculties, facilitate rapid and thorough awareness and integrate new behaviors


Tools to better identify development opportunities: MBTI personality types, EQi2.0 and EQi.360° Emotional Intelligence assessment, 360° leadership feedback, « Transformational Presence coaching » tools.


Emotions and their impact on behaviours, decisions, and interpersonal relations have long been ignored in professional contexts. Yet Emotional Intelligence directly influences the quality of leadership.

  •  Transformational Presence and Leadership coach.
  •  Human Potential Assessment certified coach.
  •  Broad experience coaching clients by phone and skype
  •  Coaching in 3 languages: French, Spanish and English. Clients in Europe, South America and the USA.
  •  Professional experience within and alongside companies, in Marketing and General Management.


Our clients say

Melissa Fein, Ph.D., M.A., M.P.S., C.P.C.- USA

Nathalie is an executive and business coach who knows how to get results. She creates a nonjudgmental space where interpersonal management challenges can be safely explored and resolved. She understands business development issues relevant to organizational expansion into untapped client bases and services. Nathalie’s insight into business communication and presentation subtleties, related to public speaking as well as marketing materials, and her ability to coach to strengths, enable her to facilitate the client to self-discovery and peak performance. Nathalie is the coach I turn to for my executive and business coaching needs so that my successful business can achieve its maximum potential!

Melissa Fein, Ph.D., M.A., M.P.S., C.P.C.- USA, President of Transpersonal Talent Development, L.L.C.
S. Perring- England

Nathalie is a very powerful coach. She is a very strong listener and has very informative insights. Her approach is very friendly, but she is always extremely professional. I benefited greatly from my sessions with Nathalie and in particular felt an increase in my own self awareness which helped me handle situations more effectively and be more flexible in my approach to problems. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

S. Perring- England, Executive coach and former Managing Director at Citigroup.

2 years of coaching with Nathalie were a very valuable experience. It allowed me to reinforce the knowledge of myself and realize the importance of team management to maximize performance of the company. Whatever the context is, and the Venezuelan one is particularly tough, there is always a solution and a proper way to present it.

JSD, Financial Director, French Multinational Subsidiary
Joyce C. Poole - USA

I found the coaching process to be an excellent way to discover, rediscover or expand your leadership skills. It was challenging at times but I would recommend individual coaching for anyone who is considering a leadership role. I considered the sessions as valuable steps for me in my efforts to move forward to being a good leader. She was focused on getting me to a secure and relaxed place in my leadership role. During the coaching sessions, we explore how to challenge my inner voice to move toward constructive thoughts. I now know when and how to ask my inner voice for peace, nurturing and encouragement and most importantly, I realize “I have the power and the choice to do it"

Joyce C. Poole - USA, AIDS Education, Counseling & ETI Coordinator YNHH AIDS Care Program
Hernan Grateron

The coaching process with Nathalie helped me discover an opportunity area, which in the corporate world is vital, which is developping the quality of patience and choose the right momento to talk and act. It has been an interesting journey during which, I learned to wait, plan and choose the best moments to be assertive and precise in my approaches. It has been an experience which helped me to be a better executive. Nathalie’s presence and follow-up all along the process was also a key ingredient in its success.

Hernan Grateron, Commercial Director - Pernod Ricard Venezuela
Erik Cline – USA

My coach Nathalie Bayol has had a profound impact on my life. Through my coaching experiences with Nathalie I have learned a great deal about myself, also what I want in life. Nathalie has given me tools to meet many different goals, to be positive and productive, and to achieve my dreams. I am ever grateful for Nathalie and the things she has helped me accomplish. I know that what she has given me as a Coach will be a part of me for life. For that I am ever grateful.

Erik Cline – USA, Adolescent Councelor - Long Island, New York
Daniel Tortoledo - USA

Nathalie Bayol has been an incredible coach who has provided me with tools to learn and reaffirm that work as a discipline has a specific way of being handled and I truly recommend her experience as coach for any professionals who may be struggling with a lot of work, that at times can be seen as stressful and impossible to handle.

Daniel Tortoledo - USA, Artist, Musician, Producer
Carmen Tahio Neri - Venezuela

Lo mejor que me paso en este proceso de coaching es la manera como Nathalie me ayudo a descubrir cuáles eran mis metas, que me inquietaba de mi proceso, estaba tratando de cerrar un capítulo de mi vida profesional y no lo lograba. Trabajamos mucho la confianza en mí misma, el aceptar y valorar todo lo que hasta ahora había logrado en mi vida profesional y de alguna manera toco también mi vida personal, a ver con claridad todo lo que aprendí, los errores que cometí y porque, como aprendí de ellos. Hoy en día, cuando caigo en el círculo vicioso de antes inmediatamente me doy cuenta y lo corrijo. Recomiendo a Nathalie, como una persona muy responsable en lo que hace y dice, sensible, con carácter, muy estudiosa, con una gran intuición, por eso uno siente mucha confianza al abrirse en el todo este proceso de crecimiento.

Carmen Tahio Neri - Venezuela, Founder and President, Tanilu