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Emotional Intelligence

Our emotions mark our actions, our reactions and decisions, our judgments and the perception of our surroundings. Accepting and managing them allows us to enhance our performance, the quality of our professional relationships and our work-life balance.

The definition of Emotional Intelligence as it relates to the Bar-On EQ-i2.0 is: “a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way”. (from MHS website)

It is one of the key elements that influence the development of human potential. Specific programs to develop Emotional Intelligence will directly impact performance, the quality of leadership, human interaction and teamwork.

 Fulfillment & Success relies on the scientific Emotional Intelligence measurement instrument developed by MHS:

  • For the individual : Instrument EQ-i 2.0 measures 5 fundamental areas and 15 sub-areas. Once filled-in by the client, a client-coach feedback session is conducted, development objectives are defined and the executive coaching plan developed.
  • For the team : when combining individual scores of team members from the EQ-i 2.0 Group Report, it is possible to identify the strengths and areas where the team, as a whole, could be more efficient. It also allows to identify the impact the Emotional Intelligence of the team makes on the organization, and permits to formulate strategies to develop the group’s potential.
  • Customized workshops: these workshops are set up when several persons need to develop the same skill or change the same behaviour, to optimize the company investment in time and resources.

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Emotional Intelligence