Leadership Coaching

The loneliness of the leader is not a myth. It deters him from getting candid and objective feedback on subjects outside his expertise, permitting him to identify his own development needs as a leader and to put in place improvement strategies.

Using our model and our approach based on the principles of Transformational Presence Coaching and other support tools , our coaching for leaders is structured in three stages :

  • To explore the leader´s values, his strengths, his stumbling-blocks, his beliefs, his leadership style in the context of his surroundings and consolidate his self-confidence
  • To be aware of the fact that his behaviour serves as example
  • To rely on the work done upfront to bolster the work downstream :
    • Lead his co-workers towards a shared objective, while being sensitive to the essential life-balance needed for the long-distance race to success.
    • Make decisions in an uncertain world.
    • Approach situations with fresh perspectives.

In Fulfillment & Success, in a framework of ethics and deontology, our coachings encourage you to explore your resources and enhance your potentials. In a safe work environment, we help you develop the leadership skills and behaviours you need to become a leader responsive to the requirements of our complex and changing environment.

Action areas :

  • Cope with professional transitions.
  • Transform stumbling-blocks into positive behaviors.
  • Develop teams and inspire them.

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