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Our ethics are based on a number of values and beliefs.

Our Values

  • Transparency, Commitment, Passion, Optimism, Professionalism, Presence
  • We are convinced that the human being is at the core of the success of any project or enterprise. From there comes our profound desire to contribute to everyone´s growth and self-fulfillment.
  • We assist our clients to connect to their essence and become strong, authentic and well balanced leaders.
  • We only work with clients who are committed and dedicated to their coaching project.
  • We abide by the International Coaching Federation Charter of Ethics.

Our Beliefs

Our model, our tool, our approach, reflect 7 fundamental beliefs:

  • Leaders are accountable to their companies, beyond results and productivity, for helping every individual be and give the best of himself, boost his potential and hence directly impact performance.
  • Every individual possesses an immense potential for growth and professional coaching facilitates this process of expansion and transformation .
  • Life is a whole. Therefore, balance between all its facets is fundamental to self-fulfillment.
  • Self-fulfillment promotes professional success and vice–versa.
  • An individual can only change on a long-term basis (not renouncing to what he is) if the transformations are embedded in him. Otherwise, his resolutions will be shallow and short-lived.
  • Being flexible and being demanding is compatible, being vulnerable and strong is complementary, success rhymes with passion and passion with motivation, respect of others and team spirit are inseparable, creativity and discipline are not mutually exclusive, healthy conflict derives from comfort, courage is needed to take risks , without risk there is no progress, and without progress there comes decay.
  • Success never comes alone.

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Our Ethics