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Our Model

  • Starting point : SELF-knowledge and SELF-confidence. To truly know and accept oneself is fundamental to professional growth and development. Amazing results happen when connecting with our intrinsic essence.
  • An approach that integrates the principles of Transformational Presence and Leadership coaching, wherein our different intelligences – analytical, cognitive, emotional, corporal and intuitive – are heard and aligned, opens up new opportunities for exploration, out-of-the-box thinking and encourages discoveries.
  • Like a spiral symbolizing movement and energy, the growth process is dynamic. Accepting oneself and understanding the evolution of one´s environment, is a source of clarity and strength for significant decisions and actions.
  • Multidimensional exploration – nonlinear approach: coaching so that actions can be taken to respond to immediate needs, while addressing in depth the behaviours and qualities needed to be an outstanding leader.

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Our Model

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Emotional Intelligence