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Our Tools

We combine a plural approach, with tools that appeal to the analytical and rational mind as well as to intuition and emotions. This encourage our client’s rapid and thorough awareness building. Anybody committed to enhancing his own potential can achieve his goals with efficiency and confidence.

Coaching for leaders :

We provide a series of supports aimed at improving one´s self-knowledge, which we believe to be essential if a leader is to address the challenges both he and his team face.

They allow to identify, reinforce, transform, and develop behaviours. Among them:

  • MHS Bar-On EQi2.0 and EQi 360 de MHS for Emotional Intelligence.
  • Evaluation 360° Leadership Feedback
  • Human Potential Assessment & Model

In association with our partners:

• MBTI personality style assessment

 Coaching for teams :

  • We develop customized programs to facilitate team cohesion. We rely on the Bar-On EQi2.0 Group Report instrument to identify the strengths of the team and the areas where the team could change to work more efficiently.
  • To boost teamwork, we implement projects based on the Patrick Lencioni approach and « 5 team dysfunctions » : how to build trust, manage conflict, accept and meet responsibilities and prioritize shared objectives.

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Our Tools

Emotional Intelligence