Stress Management & Life Balance

Uncertainty, work overload, conflicts, a threatening environment, the feeling of time shortage, toxic relations, unrealistic demands: the causes of stress are many.

Poorly treated stress is visible at the :

  • Physiological level: health issues, irritability, anxiety, burnout, depression…
  • Cognitive level: loss of concentration, decreased analysis ability…
  • Behavioural level: negligence in carrying out one´s duties, procrastination, withdrawal into oneself , strained relations…

These signs, whether major or minor, translate into lower performance, output and motivation, poor decision making, increased turnover, absenteeism…

Thanks to our approach, based on the benefits of Transformational Presence coaching, as well as our tools, our coaching focuses primarily on :

  • The nature of the decision making process, critical in influencing stress and the quality of work life.
  • The input of approaches such as heart coherence and « mindfulness » to manage life-balance, to improve concentration, listen to oneself, be available to others, reduce one´s stress level.

In Fulfillment & Success, in a framework of ethics and deontology, we help our clients to develop customized solutions to manage and transform their interaction with stress, leading to a more fulfilling personal and professional life.

Action areas :

  • Preserve one´s social and emotional skills, regardless of one´s position in the organization.
  • Assert one´s self-confidence: manage emotions and stress, develop self-control.

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