Training follow-up

Experience shows that after returning to routine professional activities, the benefits of training vanish, what was learned is hardly applied in the workplace and the company´s investment in time and resources is lost. The « International Management Association » notes that « training only improves performance by 22% versus 88% when coaching follow-up is added »

We offer support for corporate leadership training programs, to consolidate the main knowledge acquired in them. The idea is to work on the resistance to change and reinforce the actual link between the purpose of the training and its adjustment to your staff´s working conditions.

In Fulfillment & Success, our approach enables us to :

  • Define with every participant the skills he needs to reinforce in his situation.

  • Design a customized executive coaching support plan .

Customized Workshops

Professional development is inseparable from proper self-knowledge. The higher the position, the larger the teams, the more crucial it becomes to be aware of one´s own emotions and reactions (whether impulsive or deliberate) during sensitive, high-strung moments of conflict or discomfort.

In Fulfillment and Success, we respond to specific individual needs on issues of work stress and emotion management, by designing workshops adjusted to team and company objectives.

World Cafés

The World Café is based on one of our convictions: exchanging ideas promotes thinking and clears the mind. We organize gatherings to explore and jointly reflect on areas that teams and organizations wish to address in a context leading to dialogue and creativity. The World Cafe is effective: it energizes participants to share their knowledge, to innovate and co-build the future.

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